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MAY 17, 2015  4 p.m.

We are pleased to announce that our 2nd quarter event for 2015 will be a Dining Out at Hellas Restaurant and Lounge (Millersville, MD) on May 17th at 4 p.m.  From their website : “Hellas Restaurant and Lounge is family owned and operated. Known for our crab cakes, but we offer so much more. From delicious seafood dishes and mouth-watering steaks to authentic Greek and local Chesapeake offerings, our varied menu is sure to please the most discriminating of tastes.” Hellas has an extensive gluten free menu (including the delicious crab cakes!), from which we will be able to order.

Main Website: http://www.hellasrestaurantandlounge.com/

Gluten Free Menu: http://hellasrestaurantandlounge.com/pdfs/Gluten-Free.pdf

As soon as information is available to register for this event, it will be posted here on the website. In the meantime, get the date on your calendar because you surely will not want to miss this Dining Out!

Bambi Sturgeon and Nancy Miller-Ihli

Co-Chairs Chesapeake Celiac Support Group

CCSG 2015 Schedule

The Chesapeake Celiac Support Group is going to be doing a few new things in 2015 and the Steering Committee would love your feedback as the year progresses. We have found that there is such good information about celiac disease/gluten sensitivity available online and in print, as well as easier accessibility to gluten free products, we are planning to meet quarterly instead of monthly for the 2015 calendar year. Because of this change, we have decided that for 2015 we will not be charging any membership fees. Next year we will reassess our programs going forward into 2016 and beyond. Additionally, we have decided that we will make all of our pertinent information available on the website and Facebook page and will, therefore, no longer publish a separate Newsletter. Huge thanks go to Linda Etherton who has consistently and professionally produced our Newsletter over the past nearly four years!

MARCH 8th – (1st Quarter) – Meeting at Wegmans (Waugh Chapel – Gambrills) – This was a great event!

MAY 17th – (2nd Quarter) – Dining Out Event at Hellas Restaurant and Lounge in Millersville, MD

3rd Quarter (Jul/Aug/Sep) – Speaker or Video Presentation with Discussion

4th Quarter (Oct/Nov/Dec) – Holiday Potluck Dinner

In addition to these four meetings, there may also be extra events scheduled, so please watch this website as well as our Facebook page (www.Facebook.com/CCSGInc) for further information!

The Steering Committee has also established a list of members who would be willing to provide “mentoring” to the newly-diagnosed or anyone who might need some individual support. This mentoring can be by email, phone, or in person, depending on the need.  Click here for mentors.

We look forward to a great 2015 for CCSG!!!

Bambi Sturgeon and Nancy Miller-Ihli (co-chairs) and the CCSG Steering Committee


Membership in CCSG is never required to attend a meeting!

Chesapeake Celiac Support Group, Inc. (CCSG) cancellation policy follows the Anne Arundel County School System closings. If schools are closed for the day or close early because of weather, the meeting is cancelled. If schools open late and close at the regular time, the Celiac meeting is held as scheduled.

CCSG Steering Committee

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Celiacs Online is the domain of Chesapeake Celiac Support Group, Inc. A 501(c)3 Non-Profit.

This site was designed to share information with newly diagnosed and experienced celiacs who live in Maryland, but we believe people across the country will find it useful as an on-line directory. Our goal is to provide a resource tool so that celiacs can find support groups, current medical information, local food sources and fabulous food sites from Celiacs Online.

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There are several contacts listed throughout this website, should you need more information in any of these areas. Don’t forget to bookmark this page as one of your favorites so that you will have ready access to what’s new and what’s available in Maryland at Celiacs Online.

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